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Today, twitter user Andrée Hansson posted the following tweet: "Friday is tieday!" So, today I decided to dress up and put on a tie. While my reasoning was basic (why not...) and started due to Andrée's tweet, I think this might become a normal occurrence.

Very often as a software developer, I wear relaxed and comfortable clothes. This is to enhance my comfort level, and in turn boost my creativity. However, there is something to be said about dressing up and looking your best. It does a great many things for you:

  • promotes an air of professionalism - helps you and others see that you are a professional
  • boosts your self-confidence
  • livens your day by changing things up a bit
  • gives you some "office cred" (not really any "street cred")
  • lets you strut your stuff for the ladies

While I don't usually dress up for work, it is nice every once-in-a-while to put yourself on a pedestal and know that you are a professional in your field; you are capable at your job; you are a businessman; and you are a man.

I've been reading The Art of Manliness for the last few months, and it has really changed my outlook on life and manliness in general. Too often we forget that we are men. To often we don't strive to look like men, to think like men, and to act like men and this, in turn, means that we aren't being men. These days, women don't expect us to act like men, they expect us to act like boys. So, let's surprise them by being men.

Friday/Tieday is one step towards acting like a man. Let's see if we can change things up, and show the women who we really are.